Exterior Restoration  
Interior Restoration

Exterior Restoration
Restoration & Renewal
Your tax deductible gift to the Cathedral will assist in the repair and renewal of one of the most historic and beautiful architectural treasures of the United States. Please explore this web site and discover the past, present and what we hope for will be the future of America’s oldest Neo – Gothic Cathedral.





Restoration and Renewal of the
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception


In 2000 Bishop Howard J. Hubbard launched the restoration of the Cathedral’s exterior. The project addressed the most critical sections of the cathedral’s brownstone surfaces which had deteriorated to such a point that public safety was jeopardized.


Deteriorated brownstone was removed from the 210 foot north tower, the north, south and west clerestories and replaced with Red St. Bees Sandstone which was imported from England. The spire of the north tower was found to be leaning some 13 inches over the street and had to be completely removed and rebuilt in stone.


A lead roof was also installed to ensure the watertight integrity of the structure. 


The work was completed by August, 2004 and dedicated with the placement of new bronze cross set atop the capstone of the north tower (pictured above). 

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