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The Cathedral Choir School is supported by financial contributions from friends and benefactors.  If you are interested in supporting the Cathedral Choir School of Albany, here is a list of regular expenses that your gift might underwrite:


    $100 will sponsor one student in the Training Choir for one year

    $150 will provide ten (10) workbooks from the educational series
A Young Singer’s Journey

    $300 will provide a chorister with choir vestments
    (a choir cassock and a white surplice)

    $450 will fund a scholarship for one chorister in the Boys Choir
    or Girls
Choir for one year

    $790 will sponsor one chorister to attend a week-long RSCM
    summer training course

         (8 days, 7 nights; registration, room and board included)

Please contact the Cathedral Director of Music for other opportunities for supporting the Music Program of the Cathedral.


Any gift may be given as a memorial, published annually at the end of the Choir Season and in special event booklets.  Checks should be made payable to “Cathedral Music” (memo line: “Cathedral Choir School of Albany”).  Gifts marked “Cathedral Choir School of Albany” will be restricted for support exclusively of Choir School.  Unrestricted gifts will support the broader programming of the Cathedral’s Music Program.  Thank you for your consideration and generosity.


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