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Cathedral - A Sense of Place
Howard J. Hubbard - Bishop  Emeritus of Albany
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Our Mother Church 

The Cathedral is the spiritual center "the Mother Church" of the 14 counties of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany. The Cathedral houses the “Cathedra”, the Bishop’s Chair and symbol of his teaching authority as Chief Pastor and Shepherd over the Church of Albany. Major liturgical feasts and celebrations are held in the Cathedral such as Christmas Midnight Mass, Holy Week, Easter, the Rite of Election, the Chrism Mass, and the ordinations of Bishops, Priests and Deacons. The Cathedral as our Mother Church belongs to all the 400,000 Catholics in the Diocese of Albany.



American Treasure and Jewell of the City 

A distinguished and historic feature of Albany’s skyline, the Cathedral’s trademark spires create a striking contrast against the modern forms of the Empire State Plaza. Iridescent 19th century stained glass windows imported from England, intricate Dutch and German wood carvings, stunning ornamental plaster work and soaring spatial splendor combine to elevate the Cathedral as one of America’s most unique and important ecclesiastical structures.   



Living Parish Family 

The faith of generations has been nourished at the house of the diocesan church. The Cathedral serves as the parish church to some 600 households hailing from fifty zip codes around the Capital District. Daily the Cathedral witnesses to God's presence through liturgies attended by people of all denominations.  The Cathedral provides educational services and programs for the young people of  the community. Cathedral Social Services, staffed by dedicated Sisters of Saint Joseph and volunteers, provides clothing, food and other necessities as well as referrals to people in need. In 2000, Cathedral Social Services served some 3,300 children and 6,100 adults, making it one of the largest parish social service centers in the United States.  



A Beacon of Hope -

A Center of Prayer 

"The Cathedral," as Bishop Hubbard states, "is a dynamic symbol of the sacred in the midst of the secular, offering beauty, solace and comfort to all who enter."  Every day people from all walks of life visit the Cathedral and find a harbor of refuge in the heart of the city. The Cathedral welcomes ecumenical events such as the Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship Service, and joint services with the Episcopal Cathedral of All Saints. The Cathedral is the site of the first reconciliation service conducted between Jews and Catholics, an event marked by the sculpture "Portal" on the west end of the building. 



Center for the Arts 

Throughout its history the Cathedral has served the city and greater community as a center for art and culture. The Albany Symphony, Albany pro Musica, The Empire State Youth Orchestra have all performed against the cathedral’s majestic gothic backdrop as have national and international artists like the Boston Brass and the noted tenor Mr. Anthony Kearns. 


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