The Sacred Paschal Triduum 2024

Saint Francis of Assisi, The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception & Historic Saint Mary

The Apostle Paul writes, “We should glory in the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, in whom is our salvation, life and resurrection, through whom we are saved and delivered” [Galatians 6:14]. At the heart of the Christian Passover is the CROSS and the person of  JESUS CHRIST. The Liturgies of these three days are not “reenactments” of events that happened to Jesus but are expressions of our present participation in his life. Through signs, rituals, symbols, music, silences, and sacred texts, the past collides, dialogues, and speaks with the present inviting us into a future with the   Living God. Below are the times of liturgical services for the Sacred Paschal [Passover] Triduum among the Churches.

Click here for the schedule.


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